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Any guess what does our galaxy tastes and smell like??

The hunt for chemicals in deep space that could seed life on other planets has yielded a large, fruity molecule. You will be amazed to hear that the center of our galaxy tastes like Raspberries. Yes, I know what you all are thinking, but no kidding! The heart of our galaxy tastes like Raspberries and even smells like rum.

This unanticipated discovery was made by astronomers studying interstellar objects for new molecules who trained their 30m radio telescope on Sagittarius B2 a gas cloud at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and they found a chemical called ethyl formate. This is one of the aroma compounds that produce the sweet scents of fruit, wine and flowers, and it smells a lot like rum. It is also the chemical that gives raspberries their distinctive flavour. Ethyl formate is made from ethanol – a common molecule found in star-forming gas clouds – with formic acid, which is a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms. It is visible to radio telescopes because ethyl formate molecules absorb the radiation from the stars and re-radiate it at radio wavelengths. Ethyl formate molecules are some of the largest molecules ever found in space and are among the building blocks of amino acids, which are vital for life as we all know it.

A Japanese tea company made a space tea which is composed of ethyl format for the people if they ever wanted to taste or smell space what an astronaut does.

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