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Decode the codes on your fruits and veggies!!!

There are a lot of things that we interact with on a daily basis, but we don't truly understand. Here comes on of it, that is most of the fruits and veggies have stickers on them, and many of these stickers don't just feature the brand name, but also a cryptic number. These numbers are codes, and they divulge info like whether it was grown organically or not, whether it was genetically modified, etc. If you're looking for a quick answer, here's a quick rundown of the different codes.

The labels are divided into 3 distinct categories: conventional, genetically modified and organic.

For example:

A 4 digit code starting with 3 or 4 – means your fruit was conventionally raised. That means the fruit was exposed to pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.

A 5 digit code (starting with the number 8) – means your fruit has been genetically modified. However these stickers are rarely used in Indian market as it is not permitted to grow GMO crops in our country except cotton.

A 5 digit code (starting with the number 9) – means your fruit is certified organically.

My advice is to buy your fruit locally if at all possible. If it is during off season, organic would be my next best choice. Your local farmer may choose not to certify himself organic due to cost reasons but still be an organic farmer according to the way he grows his fruits and veggies. How do you know? Just ask him! Always choose local first, then read your labels at the market and always choose the NUMBER 9!!

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