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Want to know more about Spanish cherry?

Spanish Cherry also known as bullet wood or medlar (Mimusops elengi) is an evergreen tree reaching a height of about 16 mtr (52 ft). Normally found in tropical forests in South Asia, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. In India it is called as Magizhampoo. Its flower is the provincial flower of Yala Province, Thailand, as well as the city flower of Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. It flowers in April, and fruiting occurs in June and lasts up to December.

This tree is especially useful in treating gum problems and dental disorders such as bleeding gums, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, cavities, etc. Its tender parts are used as tooth brush. The bark and seed coat are used for strengthening the gum. It is used under the name of Vajradanti, in preparation of various herbal tooth powders along with many other ingredients such as catechu, pomegranate bark, etc.

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